Our Story

The HÉRGÉT range offers a stunning fusion of retro-fashion design, functionality, top quality instrument protection, and versatility.

Why Hérgét

‘Wilhelm Hérgét’ was the name of one of the grandfathers of the company founder, Martin Ritter. As a homage to him we gave this new high-end range his name. Wilhelm, who played guitar, zither, accordion, and harmonica always took great care when transporting his musical instruments: he used quality cases or canvas bags. He introduced Martin to music and was instrumental in his musical education, which then kick-started his career in the music industry.

Embraced by players

In 1996 Martin set out from a small office in the North of England to change the dull world of gig bags. Throughout the few last decades Martin Ritter has shown that his product concepts are not only accepted by musicians globally, but are also embraced by hundreds of thousands of players every day as ‘their’ choice of Gig Bag. With HÉRGÉT™ our company Ritter USA LLC continues his creative work, adapting it for the latest trends.

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